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City Micro Climate Analysis Tool

High spatial resolution city temperature data at 12.5m x 12.5m every 15 minutes using Satellite data

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The Problem:

Lack of frequent and detailed temperature measurements in cities leads to the inability to design and implement effective green policies.

The design and implementation of successful measures to fight the impact of surface urban heat island effect (SUHI) in the Cities, thus a need for accurate street-level city temperature.

Our Answer Is


CityLST utilizes:
+ Real time Satellite and Geospacial data.
+ Cutting-edge data fusion techniques and algorithms.
+ Usage of AI techniques.


It provides in any given area:
+ Near-real time, 12.5m x 12.5m resolution, street-level land surface temperature data obtained every 15 minutes.
+ Historical, high resolution, street-level land surface temperature data.


Easy & Intuitive UI:
+ The platform utilizes 2D and 3D maps, in order to provide an accurate depiction of surface city temperature
+ Support for easy to create and detailed Reports

climate change

Our Group: Aratos Systems, partner of the Aratos Group, which was founded in 2003, continuously provides an increasing range of added value products, services and solutions in the fields of Space & Satellites, Information & Communication (Cyber) Technology and Homeland Security with a clear vision on providing the highest level of RTD, best practice and commercial business developments. The Aratos Group is a global company with international presence and offices to ensure close proximity and support to its customers. Our companies and subsidiaries are certified according ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and successfully completed European and Asian funded research projects and are constantly participating in new projects (FP7, Horizon2020, ESA, ERA, Natura2000). Our clients include international companies, governmental bodies and nonprofit organizations. Aratos Systems provides satellite-related technology and services available, accessible, affordable and applicable for industries, governments and society. Our expertise varies among: GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) GIS, space-borne data acquisition, management, storage and on demand processing and design of environmental and security models appropriate for interpreting available EO indicators, GNSS/EGNOS, RPAS, Intelligent Internet Architectures (Future Internet, IoT, Cloud), Mobile computing and M2M Communication Frameworks. Together with our SAGUM platform (Space, Air, Ground, Underground, Maritime) and our TSPR (Total Security Process Re-engineering) methodology we cover and control this whole spectrum in connection to our (big) data fusion technology. Products and services focus: Geospatial Services, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Crisis Emergency & Disaster Management, Urban Intelligence & Smart Cities, Homeland Security & Surveillance, Cyber Security, Telecommunications, Environmental monitoring & Protection

Loaded With Features You Would Surely Love.

Detailed land surface temperature data range

High spatial resolution of 100m x 100m, 30m x 30m and 12.5m x 12.5m

Data Products can be tailored to offer updates of areas of interest for any city, urban & rural area.

Temporal resolution of 15 minutes with different series for day & night

Mean values for given area of interest calculated from historical datasets up to 11 years back

Detail Report Export

Ignore Cloud Coverage

Our Team

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President of Aratos Group

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Project Manager
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Project Manager

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Team Member
Konstantinos Tsiomos
Operations Executive

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The platform utilizes 2D and 3D maps, in order to provide an accurate depiction of surface City Temperature.

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Spatial & Temporal Resolution

City Temperature

Our product City LST from Aratos Group was created to identify and fight the urban heat island, a phenomenon in which the temperature in the city center is higher than in the suburbs and the surrounding rural area. It provides information on climate change to fight global warming and thus reduce the average global temperature. City LST offers high spatial resolution temperature data at 12.5m x 12.5m every 15 minutes! Mean value data calculated for the area of interest from historical datasets 11 years ago! In the picture you can observe the land surface temperatures in Thessaloniki, Greece (land surface temperatures values from 2018).


City Temperature

Our product provides land surface/street-level temperatures across the city using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques. It can be used for every city regardless of its size or location (seaside or mountainous), as well as, in combination with other satellite products (e.g. wind, cloud coverage, vegetation index).
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